screenshot of the application showing a group of album covers

With an eternity of music at my fingertips from Spotify, my music collection has grown beyond recognition. I used to rely on iTunes' album cover grid-view (see my pixel-art version) to browse music, but with so many albums it isn't very focused; often I choose music by association, thinking I'd like to listen to something that sounds like a mix of artist A and artist B.

This album relations applet is an attempt to solve this problem. It loads my highest ranked albums from and attempts to arrange them by genre in a force based diagram. This is done by looking at the tags associated with each album, if two albums have many of the same tags they could be considered to have a high degree of association, so a strong attraction force is applied; conversely, if they have none of the same tags a repelling force is applied.

Higher ranked albums are bigger and act as visual markers for music styles, you can then zoom in to find related albums.