Photograph of the complete set of coins arranged on a woven background

After months of hoarding (and I'm not the only one), I've finally collected each of the new UK coin designs. The set was complete one evening at the pub where the elusive 5 pence piece was slotted into the center of the arrangement... to my disappointment there was no magical flash of light and I was not endowed with super powers.

Photography of my Moo cards

Moo cards are cheap but effective business cards in an unusual format. These arrived today and they look fab, unfortunately 19 didn't make the cut as my design didn't take into account their printing tolerances; I recommend anyone planning on getting some printed to read the format guide.

Because the programs you buy at the festival are crap. This spreadsheet makes it easy to cross-reference who's playing where at the same time.

Modified from one by Voliton published on the Reading Festival Online Forums, reformatted to one A4 page for each day, with space to make corrections to the line-up when it inevitably changes.

It's not a big problem, but one that caught me today - when looking at a page on the web, our indication of it's length is the size of the scroll bar slug in our browser window (if it's small, the page is long). I followed a link to this page: QuickSilver - A Better OS X In Just 10 Minutes. 10 minutes I think... okay, I can spare that, at which point I look at the scroll bar; the tiny scroll bar slug tells me there's about half an hour of reading to be had on this page!

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