Multiple Master fonts contain multiple versions (masters) of a typeface, and when combined with the appropriate software, allow you to pick a variant that is somewhere between those masters.

I always use to have a habit of forgetting about bands I wanted to see; it's a real pain trying to keep up with the 20 odd interesting acts going around - then making sure you can get your hands on a ticket, collect together some friends, and make the show. My old method consisted of perusing the Bristol Ticket Shop listing, then buying all my tickets right there. Unfortunately they update their listing about once a month, and it looks like the back of a cheap tin of curry sauce (impossible to read)... it also turned out quite expensive thanks to the booking fee.

My old 4th generation 20GB iPod succumbed to battery death recently, meaning either a replacement battery, or a whole shiny new iPod; I chose the latter, mainly for capacity and gapless playback. It was a hard decision to make, I love my old iPod and the new ones seemed all a bit too 'Bling'.

More Flash for the sake of Flash: Wrapper

Fortunately the content is actually there in plain ol' HTML (just disable JavaScript), potentially making it accessible and SEO friendly.... And the Flash page actually scales!

It's still pretty pointless though:

"Wrapper is a cross-browser compliant HTML/CSS rendering engine written in ActionScript that sits on top of your standards compliant HTML page. Wrapper eliminates cross-browser issues and makes integrating ActionScript and HTML/CSS projects possible without needing to compile."

My Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0 book arrived this morning, I'll no longer be able to say I never 'win' anything.