The comments box I recently added to 2D Forever was taking up allot of vertical space, so I developed a script that would hide the box and allow you to open and close it. I'm already using jQuery for the smooth image scaling, so it's been used here too.

The script takes a container and hides all of it's content apart from the heading (it should have a heading), while giving you a show/hide button to toggle its visibility.

Just a quick post about something I've gotten working over at 2D Forever.

With the recent realign of 2D Forever, something I focused on was making the website scale to whatever resolution you're viewing it at. I wanted to do this to allow the images to be an appropriate size for your screen, so that you're not:

  • a) Trying to view a large image on a small screen (lots of scrolling!)
  • b) Having to view a small image on a large screen (lots of squinting!)

To achieve this, the images are simply scaled up to a percentage of the screen size. Thanks to Safari's image smoothing this looks fantastic, however on other browsers you're left with a distorted looking pixelated image.

Picking accessible colours can be challenging, quite often the colours you perceive to be readable don't meet various accessibility criteria (WCAG 1.0, WCAG 2.0). The Colour Contrast Visualiser is designed to help you get the colours you want with a familiar interface. You can find it on the project page.

It's still in beta stage at the moment so there will be a few bugs, and it's not feature complete. I currently find it a useful tool myself, so hopefully you do too.

Any comments and questions can be posted in the comments below.

After finding a job, gaining three years of experience, much procrastination and a recent experimentation with Drupal; my website 'stainlessvision' is revived from atrophy.

I had set out with the purpose of this website being to allow access to the projects I work on in my free time; but during it's development, I've realised that this will be my voice to the industry of accessibility, usability, development and design (in no particular order) for the web.