Photography of my Moo cards

Moo cards are cheap but effective business cards in an unusual format. These arrived today and they look fab, unfortunately 19 didn't make the cut as my design didn't take into account their printing tolerances; I recommend anyone planning on getting some printed to read the format guide.

Tom holding the 'eye' of the card design over his eyes

I put as much effort as is possible into the design of the back, you're given the option of six rows of text, a font, and a colour. My contact details line up with my surname - this is a bit risky because browser font rendering isn't all that accurate. Previewing the text layout on a Mac (Firefox 3) actually got me the desired result, on a PC (FIrefox 2) the text was shifted over the left ruining my alignment. So if you are trying fancy text layouts use a Mac, they have better text rendering ;)


Tom 2D Forever says

23 October 2008 - 8:49pm

Ssssssoul Calibur! They look really neat though.
I smell some fake blurring though? ;)

How did the text in the back line up with your name in the end?

tdhooper says

29 October 2008 - 3:52pm

The text lined up great :)
Nope, no artificial blurring - the low depth of field is thanks to a macro lens.